Thursday, March 24, 2016

... to move to a new area...

After he finishes the uncomfortable portion of his morning 'routine'.
He finds his medication, prescribed by the NIA doctors; 'honestly, why am I taking these again?' - runs through his mind, and he pockets his pill for the time being.

He's not your standard field operative that's for sure, trained in unconventional warfare tactics, self taught advanced open source software systems, he never wore the standard suit and tie... He went with the ballcap and windbreaker. Trying his best to look just like one of the other faces in the crowd. He got extremely good at it, his successes in the field due to his 'common place appearance' were the talk of his peers.

He grabbed his sidearm, tucked it in the back, grabbed his scanner and strapped that to his right side. He had been to Agent TNF's posted area before, so the directions were familiar to him. Keys and ID where they needed to be, and out the door he stepped.

He pulled his ballcap down to cover his eyes a moment as he moved towards his car, hopping into the driver's seat and pulling out, headed out towards his new post, and hopefully to find out what happened to Agent TNF...

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