Monday, April 25, 2016

... and to discover what is going on.

Agent GJL glanced down at her phone, "About to check something out, here's my location, follow up with me in 20 minutes if you don't hear back from me... TBQ" That I can do, he's not that demanding, she thought, typing out a quick reply, "RGR TBQ, will follow up in 20 - GJL".

She put her phone away and returned to her research, grabbing her notebook and pen, she resumed her observation of a local group of squirrels in the Red River area. These little critters had caught the attention of the locals. Apparently a group of them were making small ornaments out of the local plants and debris and hanging them in the trees.

GJL found another 'ornament' and quickly sketched down a picture of it. The locals had started calling these squirrels the "Bell witch squirrels", with the Red River area having a deeply religious background. She moved from that ornament, and felt drawn to another area of the forest she was surveying, and she glanced up, another group of squirrels had started to create what looks like a dwelling of some sort, out of sticks.

GJL heard the classic warning chatter of a squirrel, they had spotted her, she made note of the dwelling's position and glanced down at her scanner, the XM was extremely high in this forest, and it had been 22 minutes, she hadn't heard anything from Agent TBQ.

She placed a call to his phone...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

... to a fellow comrade...

Agent TBQ pulled along side the bunker, the door was agape and wild debris littered the entrance to further within the structure.

He glanced down at his device, Email from his supervisor, it was Agent TNF's last known location. His head started to hurt, he pulled the pill out of his pocket and took it without a second thought, he pulled the location up on his scanner, pulled out his flashlight and clicked it on. Agent TNF was last recorded in this bunker.. Agent TBQ paused before he continued, he shot a quick message to Agent GJL, "About to check something out, here's my location, follow up with me in 20 minutes if you don't hear back from me..." ... Send!

There, now I have another who can check up on me if this goes sideways... He trusted Agent GJL, he encountered his fellow agent quite a few times, she was assigned the main area of their city, Agent TBQ had 'lucked out' with the more rural area before getting this new assignment.

He stepped into the passage, keeping it scanner in his pocket, the sound turned up as he flashed his light further down into the passageway, the outlines of some seemingly antiquated equipment danced on the edges of his vision.

Then the medication kicked in... His focus sharpened, and now he could feel it, he didn't need his scanner turned up so loud. There was an excess of XM coming from deeper in the bunker, it felt like the air before a strong thunderstorm..

*DING!* - "RGR TBQ, will follow up in 20 - GJL"

... Agent TBQ stepped into the larger chamber, and he saw the old switch on the side, it was flipped to on.. He turned his attention to the light switch on the other side of the wall, and flicked it on.
He could taste the excess energy in the air now, and the rest of the equipment finally sprung to life.

He glanced down and saw the empty pair of shoes on the floor.

Monday, April 11, 2016

... to discover what happened...

Agent TBQ groaned as he approached his new assigned area, "The Birdcage", he pulled off the side of a hardly traveled road and pulled his scanner out...

The Birdcage, once used as a nuclear warhead storage area during the height of the Cold War. This area gained its nickname from the concrete guard posts dotted around the area that looked like human 'bird cages'. This area was designed to be a small 'post within a post', with its own commissary, barracks, gym, and morale facilities all located within three barbwire fences upon an already controlled military post. Access was highly controlled to the Birdcage, personnel had to have a top secret security clearance for one thing, and not a single person knew every detail about the area. Rumors abounded of the NIA using one or more of the bunkers to store strange equipment left over from clandestine projects. This area is also in close proximity to the city that was called "Red River", home of "an American haunting", which some attributed to being a natural XM power spot... Strange equipment brought here, natural XM power spot... What could possibly go wrong! People high up just had bad ideas, didn't they? After the end of the Cold War, the doors to the bunkers at the Birdcage were welded shut, all of them, and the area generally abandoned. The NIA had decided to assign the area to a single agent to guard what was left behind.

... things looked not right on his scanner. Agent TBQ looked again, just to be sure, XM was abnormally high. He shot an email to his supervisor, "I'll need TNF's last recorded location sent to me ASAP, I am on site".

He put his scanner away and got into his car, turned back onto the road and headed left down into the main loop of the Birdcage. Agent TBQ paused, the roads here had been repaved, they used to be in need of 'repaving', but this area was supposed to be abandoned. The agent continued his drive around the main loop, and he glanced over to a bunker, the door was open...