Monday, April 25, 2016

... and to discover what is going on.

Agent GJL glanced down at her phone, "About to check something out, here's my location, follow up with me in 20 minutes if you don't hear back from me... TBQ" That I can do, he's not that demanding, she thought, typing out a quick reply, "RGR TBQ, will follow up in 20 - GJL".

She put her phone away and returned to her research, grabbing her notebook and pen, she resumed her observation of a local group of squirrels in the Red River area. These little critters had caught the attention of the locals. Apparently a group of them were making small ornaments out of the local plants and debris and hanging them in the trees.

GJL found another 'ornament' and quickly sketched down a picture of it. The locals had started calling these squirrels the "Bell witch squirrels", with the Red River area having a deeply religious background. She moved from that ornament, and felt drawn to another area of the forest she was surveying, and she glanced up, another group of squirrels had started to create what looks like a dwelling of some sort, out of sticks.

GJL heard the classic warning chatter of a squirrel, they had spotted her, she made note of the dwelling's position and glanced down at her scanner, the XM was extremely high in this forest, and it had been 22 minutes, she hadn't heard anything from Agent TBQ.

She placed a call to his phone...

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